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I picked up a camera when I was 12 in the urban landscape of Dublin City's streets.  As a youth, black and white print photography changed the way I looked at the world.  Growing up in a secure, loving home, I knew I was lucky.  Living and working in all corners of the world, I recognize just how lucky I was, based primarily on my birthplace, race and gender.  To inform perceptions, challenge prejudices and enlighten social discourse, the lens of a camera is an incredibly powerful tool in the right hands.  

I like to think (but I often feel I cannot do enough) that what I do improves the human condition, social injustices and human rights in some small way.  Doing this means I am often with society's most vulnerable, especially women and children.  I am very aware of the ethical need to protect those I am documenting, especially if there is a risk of psychological trauma, stigmatization or physical harm.  In continuously navigating the complex relationships between documentarian and documented, I find we are more alike than we are different, as if I ever doubted.  I try to accept there will always be dragons we cannot slay but it's hard.  There are many dragons out there.  I try to choose my fights - but often they choose me.  

If you're looking for any professional photography, videography or documentary/research work, be that for commercial, philanthropic or anthropological purposes, please email me from this page.  I am extremely passionate about what I do and give everything I commit to 110%.  You won't be disappointed.