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To inform perceptions, challenge prejudices and enlighten social discourse, the lens of a camera is an incredibly powerful tool in the right hands.  I picked up a camera when I was 12 in the urban landscape of Dublin City's streets.  As a teenager, black and white print photography changed the way I looked at the world.  Growing up in a secure, loving home, I knew I was lucky.  Living and working in all corners of the world, I recognize just how lucky I was, based primarily on my birthplace, race and gender. 

I like to think that my personal projects help improve the human condition, social injustices and human rights in some small way.  I am very aware of the ethical need to protect those I am documenting, especially if there even the slightest risk of harm.

If you're looking for professional photography, videography or documentary work, be that for corporate, NGO or research purposes, please email me from this page.  I am extremely passionate about what I do and give everything I commit to 110%.  You won't be disappointed. Clients like me and, most importantly, my work.