"It's always challenging to find the right photographers or camera professionals when you're in the humanitarian field.  Not only do the ICRC need someone that can work discreetly and provide great results but, more importantly, someone who can connect with the vulnerable communities we work with. Stephen's background, experience and skills shine through in every area.  Stephen has given the ICRC some of our most powerful imagery ever in Lebanon. His professionalism and quick understanding of every new situation makes working with him an absolute pleasure. Stephen has become the ICRC's go-to photographer in Lebanon."  Malak Jaafar, Communications Officer, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

"His passion, attention to detail and visual storytelling skills are what make Stephen a leading professional in this field.  When you add his exceptional skills behind a camera and a drive to understand issues ever deeper, it's always a pleasure to work with him."  Rory Stewart, News Director, ZUMA Press Agency, the world's largest independent press agency and wire service. 

"Stephen has a unique ability to combine impeccable storytelling skills, years of photography expertise and professional editing knowledge to produce outstanding video content.  Managing to connect and appropriately engage with people from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds while delivering high-quality video from beginning to end makes Stephen an invaluable part of Search's communications, conflict resolution awareness campaigns and fund-raising strategy.  Delivering the highest quality video Search has ever received, we hope to continue collaborating with Stephen."  Joe Hammoud – Communications Coordinator, Search for Common Ground – Lebanon.

"Working with Stephen really is a wonderful experience. Highly professional while determined to achieve a perfect end result, he thinks ahead and is always looking for unique perspectives and compositions. And all this comes with his very warm yet professional character.  We are always in good hands!  The consistent quality of his work speaks for itself."  Elke Latinovic, Senior Photo Editor, C3 Creative Code and Content GmbH

"His expert knowledge of lighting and photography is clearly evident but what I really admired was how Stephen genuinely made the subjects comfortable in his presence."  Leena Ksaifi, Managing Director, EQUIP NGO and TGKO Foundation. 

A Dublin-born Irish native, Stephen Gerard Kelly is a professional photographer and videographer whose reputable clients span across the corporate, non-profit and photojournalistic worlds. Stephen has excelled in the photography industry through his unique vision and visual storytelling skills working with major global companies and NGOs. In addition to being a UNICEF and ICRC contract photographer while working with the world's other largest international NGOs, Stephen has also worked independently with Apple Inc., Airbnb, Ford Motor Company, the Guardian, the Times, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, the New York Daily News, the Daily Telegraph, the Australian, the Daily Mail and the Weekly Standard.  His work has also appeared in Vogue, Forbes, MSN, Dagbladet (Norway), TVC (Russia), the Courier Mail, the Advertiser, the Irish Evening Herald, the Irish Independent, L'Orient du Jour and Lebanon's Daily Star, among others.  Stephen works with photo agencies Redux, Polaris Images and ZUMA Press, now the world's largest independent press agency and wire service.  When not spending time on long term documentary projects or photojournalism, Stephen works on magazine, event and corporate photography.  Regularly doing commercial photography including annual reports for major global companies, as well as videography and multimedia, he has also contributed to photography workshops, lectured students and been on jury panels of various photography competitions.

Coupled with an MSc in Development Studies and Emergencies, and having worked for years in the world's most difficult conflict zones in the humanitarian sector, he is naturally drawn towards fully understanding the real narrative at a deeper level.  Previous research has positively influenced government foreign policy and humanitarian aid delivery at the highest levels internationally, including the UK and US governments.  Stephen's personal photography projects range from working with minority groups including Irish Travelling People (or Travellers/Travelers) to photographing human migration and its related challenges, to urban child labor in the Middle East, to documenting the effects of conflict both locally and internationally. Stephen's ultimate passion lies in social justice and human rights where he uses powerful photography and video/film to deepen our understanding of issues facing vulnerable communities.  Some of his best known work focuses on post-nomadic communities in urban environments and people displaced by conflict. By building trust over extended periods of time through an ethos rooted in respect and empathy, Stephen gains unique access to some of the world's most marginalized communities.

Stephen has had work screened at Les Rencontres d'Arles, Visa Pour l'Image, FORMAT Photo Festival, the Hamburg Triennial of Photography, Santander Photo Festival and the Brighton Photo Fringe Festival among others.  He was nominated for the prestigious Coup de Coeur Prize at Visa Pour l'Image, Perpignan.